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Title: Animated Wild Animals
Post by: ajordan on September 24, 2015, 05:25:41 pm
Hello, first post.  I have searched the forums and found several topics asking about animated content for Lumion.  My firm works on zoological projects and we are in need of animated lions, bongo, hippos, ect. for some of our digital presentations as a main feature within the animation.  Because of this, using the workaround mentioned in the forum that is suitable for use in the background isn't really helpful.  Is there anyone out there that has cracked the code on animating animals and if so would be willing to share/create these for us.  I am also going to post on the wishlist thread to add a greater variety of animals but am afraid it won't happen for quite a while.  Thanks,


EDIT: Just tried to find the wishlist thread and it has been moved to a subforum I don't have access to?  Can anyone help me with where elase I might be able to post this request?  Thanks!
Title: Re: Animated Wild Animals
Post by: Morten on September 24, 2015, 05:31:37 pm
Hi Drew, thanks for your feedback - posting in this forum section as an unlicensed user is fine.

It is unfortunately not possible to import bone or vertex animations in Lumion so your only option (apart from the workaround you already saw) is to import static animals.