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Title: sky drop
Post by: TLMOT2010 on August 17, 2013, 02:34:57 pm
dear sirs,
in sky drop can you ex-plane clearly the effective of each items below for group of object wanted to drop-sky :


Eng.Ayad Mohsin
Title: Re: sky drop
Post by: peterm on August 18, 2013, 12:20:17 am
Copy of my reply to a recent post (15 August 2013) to The Skydrop Tool ( (Commercial Users Forum Section)

Settings are all relative/proportional to the time of the clip.

Spacing:  time between each reaching destination, how many there are will affect how quickly they need to be in the scene.

Duration: amount of time taken, if less than clip time then arrival = duration, if greater than clip time then arrival depends on other settings.

Offset: wait time or go now time ( the before or after time to add/subtract for their arrival).

Another way to use this tool is to work with it in reverse when more complex Sky Drops are desired. That is, use the sliders to get the settings as maximums.

Set the clips scrubber at half way and use the sliders to find where the timings occur.
Repeat process for the scrubbar at end of clip.

additional comments:

The purpose of the effect is to provide a quick simple very specific animation type.  It's not meant to be some exacting type tool that requires lots of work to get a result.

Add it in, select the objects, experiment a little, do the objects animate and drop from the sky, if yes, move on to doing the next task.

If a user needs more control than offered by the effect, look at using a series of individual clips with Move Effect, or use the Advanced Move Effect.

ps: TLMOT2010; please respond via email to the PM (13 August) and (todays) email sent to you.