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Title: anyone using lumion on LENOVO IdeaPad G400s 485?
Post by: sandman31 on July 16, 2013, 06:22:30 am

I would like some inputs regarding lumion on lenovo ideapad G400s.
Specs: i5-3230M / 16GB RAM DDR3 / NVIDIA GeForce GT720M 2GB / windows 7 home premium.

1. Can anyone advise whether the graphic card is sufficient to run lumion? I tried looking at the passmark score on the, but could not find the score for that graphic card.

2. If that graphic card is less than the required passmark, what will be affected? General usability of lumion (meaning cannot open), render speed, or render quality?

Title: Re: anyone using lumion on LENOVO IdeaPad G400s 485?
Post by: peterm on July 16, 2013, 02:03:05 pm

re 1. The 700 series are still pretty new and the 720M is not yet listed in Passmarks.  However you can get a closer idea by finding similar in the 600M series that 'matches'/gets closest to, the specs of the 720M and then see what the Passmark is.

re 2.  you can get some general usability, but not a cannot open.  It means the FPS for real-time display in building the scene will get less, so less responsive, and maybe the Movie Editor speed for working at break neck pace will not be quite so fast.

Render times are the ones most affected, if the GPU does not have good performance then that means longer render times.  Quality is not compromised.

Lumion uses some techniques to try and always render output, and there are various strategies and settings users can employ to manage the render process for example maybe for the project only 2Star quality is needed, or the scene does not require GI even though it might be a little nicer to have.