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Title: appereance effect
Post by: kbn on July 10, 2013, 09:24:39 am
I'm beginner in lumion.
How can i make appereance effect with some object?
For a example, i have an empty place, and i need that a tree is appeare. Not fall, only appeare from nothing.
Title: Re: appereance effect
Post by: peterm on July 10, 2013, 11:26:46 am
Hullo kbn

Welcome to Lumion and the forum.

It's really easy - use layers. 

Layers in Build Mode let you hide and show all the objects for that layer.  In the Movie Editor its much of the same:
1. put the tree to its own layer in Build Mode
2. in Movie Editor for the first clip; add a Hide Layer Effect and set the layer number using the slider
3. for the next clip if there is no Hide Layer Effect for that same layer, then the object will be shown.

Hide Layer Effect currently applies to the whole clip, there is no keyframe record as in some of the other effects.

To control the timing of the appearance, just increase/decrease the total time of each of the clips.

Note: Show Layer Effect is a specialised effect that's best referred to as 'Show Only Layer' as it will only show that layer and not the rest; used for doing some phased/construction progress animation.

Please also take a look at the Lumion Video Tutorials including: Applying Effects (