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Title: Lumion 3 does not seem to function well on my machine?
Post by: [email protected] on July 15, 2015, 12:20:09 pm
Hi Guys

I have the free version of Lumion 3 and with the experience I have had I will not be rushing to buy 5 anytime soon!

I have a I5 2500k Cpu which I dont believe is to critical for lumion (it has a benchmark of 8500 or so) so it achieves the minimum and fulls short of the recommended bar. I get alot of lag when I am trying to mess around with the buttons etc of Lumion so I fail to see adding actual projects in lumion from sketchup will make it any better?!

My GPU is a 4gb gtx 770 direct cu2 which benchmarks higher then the recommended so I am not sure where the problem lies.

Is the free version deliberately laggy to get people to buy the pro version? 3ds max 2015 and the like work fine on my machine so a little confused..
Title: Re: Lumion 3 does not seem to function well on my machine?
Post by: Morten on July 15, 2015, 01:07:19 pm
Hi [email protected], demo versions are not deliberately slower than other versions.

Your CPU just about meets the minimum requirement for running Lumion (the minimum is 6,000 PassMark points and an i5-2500K gets an average of 6,468 points (, so it is possible that it's bottlenecking the performance of your GTX 770. However, you should not experience any lag when pressing buttons (unless your scene is complex and the framerate is low).

1) Which scenes have you tested so far?

2) Can you attach a screenshot of the Settings screen please?

3) Also, can I ask you why you're using a very old version of Lumion though? We do offer a free demo version of Lumion 5 ( (with limited functionality and content). You can also click here ( to contact your local reseller if you'd like to test a fully functional 7-day Trial version of Lumion.
Title: Re: Lumion 3 does not seem to function well on my machine?
Post by: peterm on July 16, 2015, 03:49:03 am
Hi [email protected]

In addition to the items Morten mentions, please attach a post of the Lumion DXDiag Report (Files -> Summary Chart -> Run DXDiag).