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Title: Wierd reflections
Post by: dmedraft on July 02, 2015, 04:21:11 am
I'm getting reflections that are not realistic. I've attached a sample where the flag is being reflected in the left side glass door. Is there a setting that I am missing that may eliminate this?
Title: Re: Wierd reflections
Post by: peterm on July 02, 2015, 05:06:06 am
Hi dmedraft

The flag reflections you see are Projected Reflections

Please refer to topic: HOW TO WORK WITH REFLECTIONS in the LUMION 5: Quickstart Guide (

You can use a combination of Lumion automatic Projected Reflections, or control where those reflections come from (manually), as well as use Reflection Planes (with care, limit 10) via the Reflection Effect.

In Build Mode, Projected Reflections are seen from a default static world position.  In Photo Mode and Movie Mode the position is set to camera automatically by Lumion, unless a Reflection Control has been added by the user.  In which case, control is done manually by the user.

Reflection PLanes produce a higher quality, localised, flat plane (mirror type) reflection.  The consequence of using it that it costs more to render such reflections.

If you have further questions on this please don't hesitate to post for further assistance.