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Title: [Awaiting Reply] Uncontrolled movement advanced animation
Post by: raske on June 08, 2013, 06:36:59 pm
Ok, I understand Lumion is not made as an animation program, but I wonder if theres any way of solving the following issue:

Keyframes in the little sequence:
A - 2 meters above ground and above B
B - 2 meters straight under A, on the ground
C - 2 meters horizontally from B (making the A-C through B a 90° angle)
D - rotating the object 90° around its own axis standing still

So I have an object (robot) that is taking a lift down (A-B) and then moves out of the lift (B-C). So far Lumion can do this one 90° (A-C) movement. However, when I then try to make it rotate 90° (C-D) horisontally, everything get screwed up. The previous vertical perfect 90° movement (A-C) somehow makes the animated path of the object to go from the two straight lines to a bendy curve from B-C; so the object 'takes a dive' down under the floor from B and comes up at C. If i make yet another keyframe, E, then the movement C-D will also be affected in a weird way.

Are the animation tool made in this way that it will makes hidden splines automatically when making several keyframes? (Hidden because the red animation lines are still straight..) I can see that an object moving, like a car that will travel in curves, that this could come in handy, but as far as I understand, for anything that wants to stop, turn, or change vertically more than 3 keyframes will automatically get unwanted movement.

I know this program is not made for advanced animation, but I guess it could be nice to be a bit more in controll...

Any ways of solving this issue?
Title: Re: Uncontrolled movement advanced animation
Post by: peterm on June 10, 2013, 11:13:20 am
Hi raske

From your description and detail regarding 3 keyframes I gather you have read other posts (recently, within last month) or correctly deduced about the Advanced Move Effect and 3 or less keyframes for linear, else curves are automatically determined.

For Advanced Move, if using more than 3 keyframes in a single clip, a curve is used and there is no current way to change that to linear or step.

Can the animation be achieved though, using either the Move Effect (that is a very simple but quick motion tool) for linear paths, or, still use the Advanced Move Effect, but in either case, break down the animation into smaller clip animations?  For example a clip just for robot goes from A to B, then another clip for it to rotate etc?

Title: Re: Uncontrolled movement advanced animation
Post by: NickFury87 on June 18, 2019, 11:28:19 pm
Hey Peterm,

there is no change in this right?
Title: Re: Uncontrolled movement advanced animation
Post by: peterm on June 18, 2019, 11:48:46 pm
Hi NickFury87

There have been no changes to those Effects since the member enquired about animation options.

However, what is your animation need?  Perhaps there is a new feature that might help.  And let us know what version you are using.