How do you install Lumion silently?

How do you install Lumion silently?

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Posted: Fri 26 Feb 2016
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How do you install Lumion silently?


1) Download the Lumion Download Manager and run it.
The installation files for Lumion will now be downloaded at the same location as the Download Manager executable file.

Please note that the installation files can have different names, depending on your company name and the Lumion version.

A typical directory after downloading the files should contain an executable file for the setup (Lumion_8.0_LUM8PRO_COMPANYNAME.exe) and several .bin files that contain the program files:

2) Type 'cmd' in the Windows search field and press enter.

3) Search results will pop up. Right-click on the 'Command Prompt' application and click on 'Run as administrator':

4) In the 'Command Prompt' window, go to the path where your Lumion installation files are located by typing cd "<yourlumionpath>" then pressing Enter.

5) Type in the installer executable filename (in quotation marks "") + /VERYSILENT then pressing Enter:

You may also want to include the "/LOG" option. See the following notes.

Notes: Please click here to see a list of all the command line options for the installation, for example how to specify a target installation path that differs from the default path. Also, error logging and other options are available.

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