How do you import 2D cut-outs of people?

How do you import 2D cut-outs of people?

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Posted: Fri 05 Feb 2016
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How do you import 2D cut-outs of people, so that they always face the camera?


1) In your 3D modelling application, you'll need to create a plane that faces the Front view. Position the plane so that the base of the plane, i.e. the midpoint of the lowest edge, is centered at 0,0,0.

2) Apply a PNG texture with transparency (Click here to see some examples) or a 32-bit texture with an alpha channel (Click here for more details) to the plane and make sure that the texture is positioned and scaled correctly.

TIP: If you are using SketchUp, you can save time by dragging the texture into the 3D view and a plane will be created automatically, so you only need to position the plane so that it's centered at 0,0,0.

3) Import the plane in Lumion and add a Billboard material to it. If the plane becomes invisible, it means that the plane is facing away from the camera instead of towards it. To fix this, turn it 180 degrees in your 3D modelling application and re-export it. Then use the Re-import function to update the model in Lumion (Click here to see how). If the plane turns into a line after you apply the Billboard material to it, it means that it needs to be turned 90 degrees.

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