How do you get help with import/export questions?

How do you get help with import/export questions?

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How do you get help with import/export questions?

First, please make sure that you have followed the steps in our Model Import Guides.

Then post a topic requesting help. Registered licensed users can post to this Importing Models Question Board. Other users should post to a board in the section they have access to.

When posting a question for support, please always include the following information when you ask for help with import/export issues:

1) Lumion product and version:
    • Specify the product and version number as shown on the Settings screen in Lumion.
    • For example Lumion 8.0 Pro.

2) CAD software and version number:
    • For example Revit 2018 or SketchUp 2018.

3) Export format and Settings:
    • For example FBX, DAE etc and the exporter version if available.
    • For our Revit To Lumion Bridge exporter, or Lumion Plug-In for Revit, please attach a screenshot of the exporter settings, and provide the name of the exported '2D View' in Revit'

4) A clear description of problem:
    • In English please (use Google Translate if needed) and attach screenshots to show the problem.

5) Relevant files:
    • Please click here to upload the files that are causing problems.

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