How do Planar Reflections work?

How do Planar Reflections work?

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How do Planar Reflections work?

There are three different reflection types in Lumion:
  • Planar reflections: Very accurate on planar surfaces but renders slowly.
  • SpeedRay Reflections: Mostly accurate on any surface and renders fast.
  • Projected Reflections: Not very accurate on any surface but renders very fast.

Planar reflections are available via the Reflection effect:

Version 8 and above: Movie/Photo Modes[/i] FX -> Add Effect -> Light & Shadow tab -> Reflection

Versions prior to V8: Movie/Photo mode -> New effect -> World tab -> Reflection

This Movie or Photo effect allows you to specify up to 10 reflection planes in your scene.

Every time you add 1 reflection plane, Lumion has to mirror all models & render the entire scene once more, and this can get slow very quickly. For that reason, try to use as few reflection planes as possible.

Any model surface which is co-planar with a given reflection plane in your scene will have accurate reflections, provided that you have assigned a Standard, Water, Glass material or PureGlass material to it. This is ideal for mirrors, marble floors etc. You can also assign reflection planes to the built-in water planes in Lumion.

The effect includes a Threshold slider which allows you to adjust the distance at which nearly-co-planar surfaces will be included in the reflection plane. The tradeoff is accuracy but it's usually not noticeable. Please note that if you have some nearly co-planar surfaces that you want to assign a single reflection plane to, you need to assign the plane to the surface which is closest to the camera so to speak.

You can adjust the blurriness of a Planar Reflection by adjusting the Gloss value of the reflective material.

Limitations: Please note that the following objects and materials are not reflected due to technical limitations:
- Ocean.
- Native Lumion water planes.
- Waterfall, Water, PureGlass and Glass materials.
- Special effects: Fountains, Smoke, Fire and Fog.
- Grass.

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