Why are there red questionmarks in a scene?

Why are there red questionmarks in a scene?

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Why are there red questionmarks in a scene?

If you notice a Red Questionmark in one of your scenes, it means that the files for that model are missing in the Library folder.

The location of the Library folder depends on your version:
Lumion 6.5:  Documents/Lumion 6.5/Library
Lumion 7.x:  Documents/Lumion 7.0/Library
Lumion 8.x:  Documents/Lumion 8.0/Library

Note: from Lumion V8 you should not see the Red Questionmark if the model files were originally included in the LS8 saved file.  If there are, then it is likely the Scene was from an earlier version and your models were not in the Library.  If a model is missing and you are using V8, then it has been removed by something other than Lumion, and you should contact Lumion Support.

Move the mouse cursor to the small circular object icon of the questionmark to see what the missing model name is called.  Although Lumion displays the missing model name as "ModelName.lib" there are up to 4 files per model that are missing.

To get the missing model to appear again, please search your harddisk and network drives to locate the missing files.  Then move the files to the Library folder and restart Lumion.

If you have saved a scene that contains a Red Questionmark model, it is not possible to move the files back to the Library folder in order to make the model appear again.  Instead use the following Context Menu function:

1) Select the model you want to replace the Red Questionmark model with in the Imported Model browser.

2) Context Menu mode -> Click on the Red Questionmark icon -> Selection -> Library... -> Replace with Library selection

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