How do you render stereoscopic 3D videos?

How do you render stereoscopic 3D videos?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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How do you render stereoscopic 3D videos? (Not 360 degree panoramas)


You can export side-by-side stereoscopic images/videos via the Movie effect Stereoscopic Settings. To apply it to a video, simply click on:

Movie mode -> Entire Movie (in the lower left corner) -> New effect -> Various tab -> Side by Side 3D Stereo

Side-by-side stereoscopic output means that the rendering is divided into two halves, a left view and a right view, each occupying one-half of the original display area.

In other words, on a 2560x1440 rendering, the 'left eye' image is squashed so that it occupies the leftmost 1280 pixels of the 2560x1440 image, and the 'right eye' image occupies the rightmost 1280 pixels:

Some 3D TVs can convert the side-by-side format videos to 3D whereas others require a conversion procedure. YouTube also has a dedicated side-by-side 3D stereoscopic option when you upload a video.

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