How does background rendering work in Lumion?

How does background rendering work in Lumion?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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How does background rendering work in Lumion?

Lumion always renders movies and image sequences in the background (which correspond to the MP4 and Images tabs in Movie mode), so that you can check your emails etc while it is rendering. Background rendering is not supported when rendering a still image via Photo mode or the Single tab in Movie mode.

IMPORTANT: Please follow these instructions when you render videos or image sequences to ensure that the background rendering process works as expected:
  • Do not switch to another program until the first image is done rendering.
  • Do not move/re-size/minimize the Lumion window.
  • Do not bring up the Task Manager.
  • Do not click on the Show Desktop button in the lower right corner of Windows.
  • Do not let Windows return to the Windows login screen or the screensaver (see below).
  • We recommend rendering MP4 files on a local harddrive.
  • If you render an MP4 file on a network drive, please ensure that it is a mapped drive and that you can access it via an Ethernet cable (not via WiFi). If you are uncertain about rendering an MP4 on a network drive, then please render it on a local harddrive on your PC.
Failure to prevent any of the above from happening will cause Lumion to lose the connection to the graphics card and will reset the exposure and shadows in Lumion when rendering is resumed which means that the video has to be rendered from scratch again. It may also result in corrupted MP4 files.

If your PC switches to the screensaver or to the Windows login screen after a few minutes, rendering will also be interrupted. You can prevent this from happening by running the Windows Media Player in the background, e.g. with playback of a few songs set to repeat.

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