How do you use the Normal Map generator?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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How do you use the Normal Map generator?

The Generated NormalMap:
When you change an Imported Material to a Standard Material, Lumion will use the imported texture for the Color Map slot.  At the same time, it also creates a Default NormalMap.  This map is used to ensure Physically Based materials are rendered correctly.

This Default NormalMap may work OK, and you do not have to do anything more.  However, you will find that the depth details from the texture can be enhanced and improve your renderings, if you get Lumion to generate a new map for the texture.  This makes the material look a lot better.  :)

You can create a Normal Map if the Imported Model already has a texture by clicking on the Create Normal Map button.

The NormalMap generated from the Color Map (texture) slot - it now has a lot more depth information:


Change Depth Direction:
It is possible to also flip the direction of the Normal Map by clicking on the Flip Normal Map direction button.  This flips the direction of depth, for example from in-liad grooves to outward grooves.


When You Add a Color Map:
The Normal Map generator automatically generates a Normal Map and a Gloss Mask when you add a Color Map to a Standard material.



Use Your Own NormalMaps
You can also load other NormalMaps by loading one from another file.  You may do this if you need stronger detail or other gloss mask different to the one generated by Lumion.  Note that the majority of times the one generated will work for you OK, simply use the Relief slider to adjust how strong the depth is going to be for the material.

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