How do Layers work?

How do Layers work?

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How do Layers work?

Layers are useful for organising your models in large projects. That way you can place all lights on one Layer, all trees on another and so on. If you click on the (+) button you can add new Layers up to a maximum of 20.

The Eye buttons in Build mode allow you to show or hide models (make them visible or not).

The Arrow button is for moving selected models to the active Layer.

Layer Visibility Effect:
The effect is available in Photo Mode or Movie Mode from Add Effects -> Scene and Animation Tab.

In Photo Mode you can set the visibility of Layers (hide or show) for each Photo using either the Layer Visibility effect.

In Movie Mode, you can also animate the visibility of Layers in your clips with the Layer Visibility effect.

You add one Layer Visibility Effect per photo or clip (it is not available as an effect for the Entire Movie).
As button is used for each of the Layers in the Scene.  Visible Layers are blue, hidden (not visible) layers are black.

To make it easier to use, the effect in V8 now also includes the name of the Layer.

Layers can be shown or hidden in any combination.

See Our Video Tutorial:

Manage your scene. Layers are great to hide and show parts of your scene. You can even use them to get better performance while editing.

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This Article is for Version 8 and above.  For earlier versions see How do Layers work (V7 and earlier)?

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