How do you import animated objects in Lumion?

How do you import animated objects in Lumion?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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How do you import animated objects in Lumion?

It is not possible to import vertex animations, morph animations or bone animations in Lumion. This means that you can't import animated 3D people/animals from websites such as TurboSquid and aXYZ Design, or animated trees from Plant Factory or SpeedTree.

It is possible to import move/rotate/scale animations from some 3rd party modelling 3D applications, e.g. 3DS Max and Maya. The frame rate has to be set to 25 frames per second and the preferred export format is FBX file. Collada format (DAE) also works but the interpolation between keyframes will be linear.

1) Time configuration -> Frame Rate -> PAL
2) Animate your object with move/rotate/scale keyframes (click here for more information about doing this in 3DS Max).
3) File menu -> Export...
4) FBX format -> Preset -> AutoDesk Media & Entertainment.
5) Import the FBX file in Lumion -> "Animation On"
6) Place the object anywhere in your scene to see the animation.

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