Can you install Lumion on a Mac?

Can you install Lumion on a Mac?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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Can you install Lumion on a Mac?

Yes, on some (new) Macs with fast graphics cards and the latest graphics card driver software.

However, we strongly recommend running Lumion on a PC.

PCs can use much more powerful hardware which will result in faster editing and rendering.

IMPORTANT: Using Lumion on Macs is not officially supported. Act-3D B.V. provides no warranties on any of the functionality in Lumion and do not accept any liability claims arising from the use of Lumion on Macs.

Lumion is not available on OSX, and there are no plans to make Lumion available on OSX. Parallels and WMWare Fusion are also not supported, and will cause crashes, glitches and license lock-ups.

However, if you install Windows 10 on your Mac via Bootcamp, you can install Lumion on the Windows partition.

Please also note that older Macs often do not have very powerful graphics cards and will struggle when running Lumion. Please click here to check if your Mac's graphics card is suitable for Lumion.

In addition, Apple's Bootcamp drivers for AMD/Nvidia graphics cards are often outdated, and Lumion 6.5 and newer might not be able to start on a Mac with those drivers. Please verify that you can install the latest official Nvidia/AMD driver from the AMD/Nvidia websites before running Lumion on your Mac (ideally the driver version should be from April 2016 or later).

Here is a link to the latest AMD Bootcamp driver:

And here is a link to the latest Nvidia driver:

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