My model is high above the terrain. How can I change its height?

My model is high above the terrain. How can I change its height?

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My model is high above the terrain. How can I change its height?

When you import your model, you will place it in the Scene based on where you click the Placement Point.

Sometimes the physical model will end up being high up in the sky, far away from the Lumion Terrain.

The physical model is high up because it has a height far from the world center.  For example in Revit if you use a Survey Point with a big distance to the building.

This may also occur at some later time, if you move the object.  The model will always be placed on the Lumion Terrain where the Placement Point (insertion point) is.  That is, when using the Placement tools, Place and Move.

The Placement Point is where you see the Object Icon.

To adjust where the physical model (building) is in relation to the terrain, you need to move the Imported Model down.  You cannot do that using Move Object Tool and trying to move the Object Icon down with the mouse.  It will always sit on the Lumion Terrain.

You can use the change Height Tool, but it is easier and quicker to enter a Height value.

Set the Height value of the Position directly.

So, in Objects -> Move Mode click on either Move Tool or Height Tool -> select the Object Icon, and set the Height in the position field to a negative value to bring the model closer to the terrain.

The Objects Icon will now be well below the Terrain.  It is still visible, but in some views might be harder to locate, because it is so far below the terrain.

Refer our Knowledge Base Article:  How do you type in position coordinates for an object?

TIP:  After setting the Imported Models Height, it is probably best to Lock the position so you do not accidentally move and re-position it above the terrain.  See Video Tutorial:

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