Tip: How to Create Portrait Images

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Posted: Tue 08 Nov 2016
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Sometimes you might need to create an image that needs output in Portrait rather than the usual Landscape mode.

Usually you will view and render images in 16:9 perspective which gives you an image as Landscape:
Photo Mode - Preview:

As rendered:

Make Portrait Image:
It's easy to do in Lumion.   :)
You can't enter alternative portrait/landscape resolutions, or enter your own resolutions, but you can use this little trick to rotate the image so it's now Portrait.  ;)

Add a Handheld Camera Effect and set the Tilt slider to 90 degrees to get a Portrait style shot.

The result in Photo Mode Preview:

and rendered:

When it's done rendering, you can rotate it 90 degrees in an image editor to make it look like a proper Portrait image.

(This Tip credited to Gilson.)

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