How do you upload a movie to YouTube? (V7)

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Posted: Fri 04 Nov 2016
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How do you upload a movie to YouTube?

In Lumion 7, you can send a movie to a client via YouTube in a one-step process, making it easier than ever to create movies and let the client see the space.

1. Select a clip or 'Entire movie' and click on Create Movie from Clip or Save Movie.

2. Click on the YouTube Tab:

3. Set your Quality and Resolution as you would for saving an MP4.  There is no FPS setting as all videos to YouTube are fixed or converted to 30FPS.
4. Click on the YouTube Account -> YouTube Sign In button:


Once you are signed in you will stay signed in until you either Sign Out or close Lumion.  So you only have to do this sign in step once per session.

5. Follow the YouTube steps to Sign In and Allow access from Lumion to your YouTube Account:


This is the important step, you must Allow access otherwise Lumion cannot communicate with YouTube and pass on the rendered MP4 file.

6. You will get an Authorization Code from YouTube, displayed in a MyLumion web page.

You do not have to copy the code. It depends on your browser.  In many cases if you now go back to Lumion, the code will be auto-copied for you  :) and pasted in to the field in Lumion.

If auto-copy does not work, then simply click on the Copy Value to Clipboard button, then paste in to Lumion.
7. You should now have switched back to Lumion and the Authorization Code field is filled with the value.  You're almost ready to go.

8.  Enter the other details for Email, Title and Description.
     Email: You can enter one or more email addresses.  You may want to email yourself so you also get the confirmation from YouTube and MyLumion, as well as the clients email.
               You could email just yourself if you are doing preview renders, although you would probably do those rendering to MP4.
               Addresses are limited to ANSI English/Arabic text set.

     Title and Description: Currently does not support Unicode.

9.  Click the Tick button to proceed.
10. The Upload process begins.

      It consists of three stages to YouTube:

      10.1:  Initialization:

      10.2: Uploading:

      10.3: Finalising and Upload Completed:

     Note:  If either Initialization or you cancel Uploading, or the connection is lost to YouTube the process is cancelled and you can save your rendered movie locally (see Notes 1: Upload Process Terminated, below).
11. After the Upload you can:

      11.1  Click the button to Go to your YouTube Account and view the movie with the YouTube Manager

      11.2  Click on the blue button: Click here to View your video online.  -> goes to MyLumion

      11.3  Click on the black button Click here to save your movie to disk.  Lets you save your own local copy.  Uploading to YouTube does compress to a lower level of quality.  So with this option you keep the source MP4 at Lumion render output quality for other things.



Notes 1: Upload Process Terminated
This may happen for any one of the following:
  • Initialization fails
  • Connection/upload fails to YouTube

    • You cancel the Upload

       ->  Lumion then lets you Save the MP4 file locally:

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