Why is the Download Manager not working?

Why is the Download Manager not working?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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Why is the Download Manager not working?

If the Download Manager gets stuck, does not start downloading Lumion or displays an error message (for example "Access denied"), please go through the following checklist:
  • Make sure you have at least 20Gb free disk space on the drive you are downloading Lumion to.
  • Double check that you have only copied the characters in the Activation Code from the email, and not spaces or other characters.
  • Double check that the Download Manager has write access to the directory it is located in (the Windows Desktop is an ideal place to run the Download Manager on).
  • Run the Download Manager in a local directory.  Preferably from your Windows Desktop or a folder in your Desktop, as your Desktop should have all permissions required for Windows to allow the download to proceed (unless other Group Policy has been set to amend permissions). Do not run it on a network drive or on a cloud drive such as OneDrive, GDrive or DropBox.
  • Make sure you have administrator privileges when you run the Download Manager (Right-click on the Download Manager and select Run as Administrator).
  • Make sure that the Download Manager is allowed to access product-download-storage.lumion3d.net and downloadmanager.lumion3d.net via port 80 (HTTP) in your firewall, router, anti-virus or security software.
  • The firewall/anti-virus software should allow the Download Manager to create a 'Lumion_8_0' folder which is used when downloading temporary .BINPART files:
  • Reset Windows Internet Options settings, even if you don't use Internet Explorer.
    a) Windows 7:
    - Open Internet Explorer.
    - Tools (Gear button) -> Internet Options.
    - Advanced tab -> Reset Internet Explorer Settings -> Reset...
    - Restart the Download Manager.

    b) Windows 8.x and 10:
    - Open the Control Panel via the Windows Start button:
    - Select Internet Options (Properties)
    - Select Advanced tab -> Reset Internet Explorer Settings -> Reset...
    - Restart the Download Manager.
If it still isn't working it means that the security settings are so strict that the Download Manager can't complete the operation. If so, we recommend that you download the installation files on a network with less restrictive security settings (for example at home), and then transfer the installation files to your office.

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