How does the license system work?

How does the license system work?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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How does the license system work?

  • The Lumion license is installed on your PC as an integral part of the installation files.
  • You may only install Lumion on computers that belong to you or your organization.
  • The number of License Keys or Seats (see below) determines how many PCs you can use Lumion on at the same time.
  • Lumion requires access to the internet when you start up & shut down Lumion, as well as when you use the following functionality: MyLumion uploads, OpenStreetMap downloads and uploading videos to YouTube in Movie mode.

If you want to simultaneously use Lumion on multiple PCs, there are two options:

1) A single License Key with multiple seats:
This is usually a more flexible solution if you need to run Lumion on many different PCs. There's only one Download Manager and a corresponding set of installation files for this license type.

After installing Lumion on the PCs at your office, the license system will lock one seat when you start up Lumion on a PC and unlock the seat when you shut down Lumion again on that PC.

2) Separate License Keys:
This license type means that there is a separate Download Manager and separate installation files for each license that you buy. In other words: you'll need to download the installation files once for every License Key and install them on your PCs.

The Lumion license system then ensures that you can't run more than one instance of Lumion for each license. We do not recommend this license type if you have more than 1 License Key and you need to use Lumion on many PCs.

3) Merging Licenses:
See Knowledge Base article: How can I merge our licenses?

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