How do you load a Lumion scene on another PC?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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How do you load a Lumion scene on another PC?


Method 1: How to transfer 1 scene to another PC
Save a copy of the scene as an LS file which includes the imported models. This function is available via the Save Scene and Models tab. Then move the LS file to the other PC and load it via the Load Scene and Models tab.

Method 2: How to transfer all scenes from one PC to another
Copy the My Documents/Lumion (Version Number)/ folder to the other PC. This folder contains all scenes that you've ever saved as well as all imported model files that you've ever imported. It also contains video textures and background music/sound files that are used in your project. Be careful not to overwrite existing files on the other PC (unless this is intentional). Remember to restart Lumion after duplicating the folder.

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