Where are Lumion scenes and imported models saved to (Version 6)?

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Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016
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Where are Lumion scenes and imported models saved to?

Lumion scenes and imported models are saved in these folders:
  • My Documents/Lumion 6.5/Scenes: All scenes saved in Lumion 6.5 (2 files per scene: *.spr, *.sva)
  • My Documents/Lumion 6.5/Library: Models imported in Lumion 6.5 (up to 4 files per model: *.lib, *.lib.mtt, *.lib.inn, *.lib.txx)
The My Documents/Lumion 6.5/ folder is on the C: drive by default.

Lumion 6.0 and 6.3 have a separate folder from Lumion 6.5:

As with any other important data on your harddrive, we recommend regular backups of the My Documents/Lumion 6/ and/or My Documents/Lumion 6.5/ folders.

The only way to get Lumion to save in a different location is to move the entire My Documents/ folder (which contains the Lumion 6 and/or Lumion 6.5 folder) to a different location. Instructions on this procedure are available on many websites, for example this one. Here's a video showing the steps (this also applies to Win 8+/10):

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