How can I view a MyLumion panorama without an internet connection?

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Posted: Mon 01 Aug 2016
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How can I view a MyLumion panorama without an internet connection?

An Offline mode exists for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.  Simply switch via the browsers menu to that mode.

For Google Chrome, you need to set a flag that enables using a saved local cached copy of the files.


The online MyLumion is a service which can only provide for display of the 360 panoramic images in a browser or phone via an internet connection.  There is no ability provided by MyLumion itself to provide for an off-line copy.

However, what does seem possible is to make use of the offline features of web browsers to view cached data when not connected to the internet.

Please see one of these (each basically covers the same) for Chrome.  
Microsoft Internet Explorer (depending on version) and Firefox provide a more direct offline menu to access.
1. CNET: Load cached pages when offline in Chrome.
2. How to Work Offline in Google Chrome.

1. Online: visit the MyLumion page for the project.

2. Click on each Location (Viewpoint) so that the MyLumion server downloads the image content for each location to your browser.

3. Test that you can then access that in an Offline mode by following the instructions for Chrome, or working in an Offline mode for IE/Edge/Firefox.  Also make sure you have history, or a bookmark or other reference to the URL address so that you can get back to the projects page.

4. Go back online to continue other tasks.

5. When travelling/offline, then browse to the URL/page and you should see a button "Show Saved Page".  Click on that and it will then retrieve local cached content and display the page and MyLumion project.

This has been tested on a desktop with Chrome and no internet connection.  Not tested on a smartphone.  The "chrome://flags/#enable-offline-load-stale-cache" was not available in the version of Chrome (tested with - version 51.0.2704.103 m).  The "Show Saved Copy Button" setting was enabled for this test.

If you have a "Clear Cache" setting in your browser that automatically clears all local copies of data when closing your browser, then you will need to disable or set the browser to not clear the cache

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