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Author Topic: What's new in Service Pack 2  (Read 4285 times)

What's new in Service Pack 2
« on: June 17, 2011, 10:21:45 am »
June 17, 2011, 10:21:45 am
What's new in Lumion Basic 1 Service Pack 2

Apart from numerous bug fixes and the new plug-ins, here's a brief list of changes/improvements:


  • The selection and transform system have received a major overhaul so that it's a lot easier to select and move/rotate/scale objects, even if they're close together.
  • The water material (which you can apply to your imported objects) now also lets you adjust the foam amount near the edges/shores.
  • You can also use a colour picker to make the cars any colour you want (Modify object -> Options), and you can turn the 2D billboard people into silhouettes (Modify object -> Options).
  • The flare from the sun has been improved and there are also new tone mapping options in the Weather section which should help you achieve a more realistic/less-game-like look.


  • You can now animate some of the movie effects with keyframes which should make it straightforward to make more complex video sequences.
  • Ferry has also made sure you can load saved camera viewpoints in both the Photo and the Movie sections (CTRL + 1, 2, 3... to save them, and 1, 2, 3... to load them).
  • After animating objects with the "Move Item" effect, the objects will now move while you edit the camera animation for the clip, so that it's easier to synchronise the movement of the camera with the animated objects.
  • The ColorGrading effect in the Movie section has also been overhauled, so that it takes the new tonemapping into account.

I'm pretty sure there's stuff I've forgotten to add to this list - we'll see :)

What's in the plugin packs so far?

Here's some info on what's in the Packs so far (this will change in the future as we upgrade the Packs with more content):

The Trees & Plants Pack is great value for um... credits as it contains a whopping:
  • 166 x Tree/plant species
  • 1 x Fly swarm
  • 1 x Butterfly swarm
  • 1 x Dandelion "cloud"

I think it's fair to say that there's something for everyone in this pack, for example 12 new willow species/variants, 12 types of bamboo, many flowering trees/plants for Spring scenes, autumnal leaves on trees for Autumn scenes and loads of new evergreens and broadleaf trees in general.

  • 56 x 3D people silhouettes (with colour and transparency option)
  • 32 x 3D animal silhouettes (with colour and transparency option)
  • 86 x 2D people silhouettes (with colour option)

You've probably already seen the new 3D silhouettes in the video on the frontpage :)

  • 1 x Smart sharpen effect
  • 1 x Paint effect
  • 1 x Depth-of-field
  • 1 x Lens flare

I could waste a thousand words on explaining how cool these effects are, but we'll have some renderings/videos ready soon, so you can see for yourself.

  • 29 x Examples of fountains and "water walls"
  • 16 x Examples of fire effects
  • 20 x Examples of smoke effects
  • 5 x Examples of dust effects
  • 6 x Examples of fog effects
  • 6 x Examples of steam effects

The effects can be customized with various parameters to fit a multitude of situations.

  • 1 x Ocean with waves slider, turbidity, colour etc
  • 1 x Waterfall material

I'm sure you've already seen those in the videos on the frontpage.

Stay tuned for some examples of what's in the new plugin Packs.

About the credit system, the plugin packs, upgrades, Lumion Basic 1 SP1 vs Lumion Ultimate 1 SP2 and Lumion 2 (Due in late 2011)

Here are some answers to all your questions about the credit system, upgrades, Lumion Basic versus Lumion Ultimate etc.

The first plugin Pack is free for Lumion Basic customers; if you go to the Customer Area there should be 1000 credits on your account.

We obviously want to keep adding new content and functionality to the existing plugin Packs to make them worth the investment.

Since you get the first plugin Pack for free (1000 credits) as a Lumion Basic customer, it will only cost 4000 credits to upgrade (minus the cost of any plugins you already own).

If you get 1 plugin for free, then purchase 3 plugin Packs at 1000 credits each, and finally decide to upgrade to Lumion Ultimate, you will only have to spend 1000 more credits. And once you have Lumion Ultimate, you will no longer be required to purchase plugin Packs.

We hope to have more plugin Packs ready later. Some of the proposed Packs are as follow (this is subject to change):
  • Model Pack (both models for interior and exterior scenes)
  • Sound Pack (3D sounds | Add soundtrack to movies | Includes the 50 euro per client ACC license for sound in mp4)
  • Animation Pack (Movie effects to trigger animations | Import options for animations | Possibly
    support for advanced character animation)

I should also mention that there will be a whole range of ways to earn credits in the future, for example by helping us sell Lumion, or by providing us with models for the object library. So upgrading should be a lot more affordable if you help us out.

In addition, you will also see an expansion of the base object library in Lumion Basic/Ultimate once version 2 is released in late 2011.

Upgrade cost to version 2.0 and plug-ins 2.0 will be announced later. Effectively it will be a percentage of the total price you payed for Lumion basic plus plug-ins or Lumion Ultimate. In the past Act-3D has always used a 30% upgrade fee.