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November 25, 2011, 08:45:52 pm
Can you explain what it is about the water that you liked better in Lumion 1 SP1?

As I demonstrated a little earlier in this thread, I think you can achieve the same effects in Lumion 1 SP2 Build 8, but with better specular reflections (and foam along the edges and in shallow water):

In addition, there's also an ocean in Lumion 1 SP2 Build 8 which you didn't have in Lumion 1 SP1.
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Re: Water Question
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December 01, 2011, 08:29:32 am
If the water surface is horizontal, you won't see too much difference but the more slanting/vertical it is, the more dynamic the waterfall will be.

Sorry to jump in but on that subject, today I experimented with a mesh shaped like a ship's wake hoping that using the waterfall material, I would be able to achieve the moving wave/foam effect while the ship is moving fwd.  But like you said, the effect works best only vertically or at very steep angles (like you would expect from water falling anyways .... gravity, remember?).  However, it would be great to have an extra attribute to be able to use the effect in horizontal meshes or planes to achiev the ship wake effect or any object moving on a water surface ...
As a naval architect and 3d visualization artist specializing in ships, I've been struggling for years trying to create convincing water and wave effects with my ships specially with animations.   When I first encounter Lumion I thought that my dreams were coming true.  And they have definitely come close to that with the ability of creating great coastlines and moving ocean water with such ease and renderings speed.  I have big hopes that with the coming animation module and other enhancements I'll be able to make more convincing scenes.   Keep up the good work Lumion people !