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[Awaiting Reply] Video Card Problem
« on: November 05, 2015, 07:08:04 am »
November 05, 2015, 07:08:04 am

I am Seki (LivingCG | CEO).

My user asked me "Nvidia Video Card problem".

As you know, it can work by "OPTIMUS technology"

But my user's Lumion does not work on time.

Therefore, user fix VideoCard by himself , when he want to use Lumion.

But still the Video Card does not work.

Re: Video Card Problem
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November 05, 2015, 08:10:33 am
Hi Seki

What is the version of Lumion?

Please ask the customer to give you a copy of the DXDiag report, and attach to a post so we can review the hardware. 

1. To get the report: Windows -> Start -> right click -> Run -> type in "DXDiag /64bit".  DirectX will analyse the system and show a Dialogue (see picture attached).
2. Click on Save All Information.  A txt file should be saved, and the customer can send you that for posting here.

Note Lumion should automatically find the correct card unless some other changes have been made to the system.

In this case ask the user to try setting Optimus using the following steps in this topic.

The user can also try running Lumion by right clicking on "Lumion.exe" in "C:\Program Files\Lumion 5.7.2" and selecting "Run With Graphics Processor" -> "High Performance NVIDIA processor" (see pic 2).

Re: Video Card Problem
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November 05, 2015, 08:52:05 am
Hi r.seki, please also note that on laptop PCs with an Intel HD card and an Nvidia card, the benchmark screen in Lumion will continue to show the "Intel HD" card in the "GFX Score" column, even if the Nvidia card is being used.

This can be very confusing for new users.

So how can the user know if the Nvidia card is being used?

Well, if the Intel HD card is really used, the user will see a suspiciously low "GFX Score" on the benchmark screen, artifacts in some cases and warning messages/errors because the Intel HD card does not meet the minimum requirements (2,000 Passmark points).
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