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Author Topic: V2 Lights  (Read 2367 times)

V2 Lights
« on: December 22, 2011, 12:14:56 pm »
December 22, 2011, 12:14:56 pm
Let me say first that the lighting system is absolutely fantastic.  What a big change for Lumion and how it will enhance all the abilities to use it for users, wonderful.

Now, if I may comment on some things I see on first test use:
1. as others have mentioned, positioning of a light, especially if you need to do plenty (10 or more) is frankly, a pain.  It should be quick and easy, but currently it is not.
OK, it's quick to initially place a light, but lights of course need exact positioning, and need to be done within three steps.
Lights now highlight the issue in Lumion of good accurate positioning tools.
Using the mouse only is just not practical, and it's not accurate.  If no direct X,Y,Z value inputs are going to be available for meantime, then I suggest whilst the Move action is current, that the navigation buttons also be usable, plus with say Ctrl for fast moving, and Shift for extra fine tune (as with other things).  So, first place the light using mouse.  Then use the navigation buttons to move the light Up/Down/Left/Right in units of ... or screen units of ... This relative motion can be screen based relative which allows for looking down or quick flat on views other than perspective (currently not supported by Lumion) ie Top, Left, Right, Front and maybe Bottom.

2. as suggested elsewhere, proxies would be great but don't cover everything, but would give another option by providing access to using a lighting placement model that can be imported

3. default direction of lights: down to ground ie neg Y.  currently each light has to be changed from horizontal direction, to downwars, (the snap on rotate works quickly but having a default downwards just simply removes that need for majority of lighting situations).

4. Cone Angle slider needs to allow for better minimum values: min is 1 but the size of the cone is far too big for use as a spot in some cases for interiors where the light is only feet away from the target, can it be taken down to say 0.1?

5. Target Lights:
Like the really easy ability to make a light have a target and how easy it is to move it around.  Only problem is that it's then not that easy to return to the previous target point that you had.  Currently you have to click the tick to get back which means the target is updated, so something like escaping out of the current target positioning action would help. 

Also, a light does not retain it's target if the light is re-positioned, you have to re-do the target position again.  Would seem that if a light has a target, that it retain that target position as default.

6. How do you turn a light off?  Apart from using the On/Off switch  :D.
   - seems could set the Overbright to a minimum of 1, but then when I need lights on I would have to go through and do all the settings changes.  A simple on/off for each light might help the efficiency of Lumion, as well as a scene master Lights On/Off, plus essential Movie control item (similar to the Hide/Show Layer) but please as a single switchable flag On/Off (wiht keyframes) not two separate controls.

Well apologies for long rave, but these are some of my first looks at the new v2 and lighting and wanted to contribute some (hopefully positive) thoughts.
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Re: V2 Lights
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2011, 12:24:19 pm »
December 22, 2011, 12:24:19 pm
1. Ferry has already confirmed in another thread that they will add absolute transform type-ins to the object options in a future update.

3. Lights will point downwards in Build 2.

5. This sounds like a bug. The target angle should not be reset when you move a light.
IMPORTANT: Please do not send private messages and emails to members of staff - unless we specifically ask you to send us sensitive information, for example License Keys.