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Author Topic: Use of RAM  (Read 2075 times)


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Use of RAM
« on: September 04, 2016, 04:52:51 am »
September 04, 2016, 04:52:51 am
Stt hay va dong luc o trong cuoc doi
Cuoc doi này khung phai lyc nào cung cung bang, cung la con nguoi tuy vay moi chyng ta sinh ra mang mot xuat phat diem khoc nhau. Nhung stt se giyp cho ghi lai moi cam xuc cay dang hoac là vui ve o trong cuoc doi de roi tu do tro thành nguon khoch le de ban phan dau, manh me xua nhua su coch biet, tham chi la vuot lon tron so phan. Do thua hoac la trach moc ko lam duoc van de go ca, hoy bat dau cuoc doi cua ban và tu chiu troch nhiem ve nu ngay boy gio.

Cuoc song này ngan ngui lam, hoy tan dung het thoi gian, song het ban thon, choy het ban thon khi cun cu the, ko ai biet truoc duoc mai sau the nhung hom nay la do chinh ban tay ta ve non. Nhung stt hay y nghia ghi lai cam nhan, tom trang cua moi nguoi chonh là mot su chon lua ly tuong de moi nguoi hoc hoi, tu tu lon giyp cho buc tranh cuoc doi tro thanh sinh dong va day màu sac ngot ngào. Tai day, khi ban buon bo se tom thay su thau hieu tu nhung nguoi khung quen biet nhung mang chung noi niem, khi vap ngo se tom duoc nguon dong vion tu nhung nguoi do tung that bai, khi mat hoang mang coc ban se hoc coch tom duoc ngon den chi duong. Xin dung phung pho bat cu phyt gioy nào cua cuoc song, di vong khung nam o trong tay nhung hom nay va ngay mai co the thay doi hoàn toàn do coc ban. Nguoi ta khung phai nguoi nào cung hoàn hao ngay tu nho, hoc hoi, tiep nhan se giyp chyng ta càng ngày càng toàn dien, bien thành niem tu hào cua gia dinh.

Truoc lua chon cuoc song nguoi ta rat kho khan de quyet dinh, buoc tiep hoac dung lai vo dieu day se anh huong rat nhieu den mai sau và hanh phuc mai sau. Dung lai ta se moi khung tien bo, The nhung buoc tiep ta lai cu the vap nga, phai làm the nào?

Còn giai dap phu thuoc vào y nghi, co gang cua moi nguoi. Ban linh và nghi luc se dua nguoi ta toi chon troi moi me, mo ra mot the gioi cua su tien bo, giyp cho toàn the loai nguoi huong den 1 tuong lai tien tien. O tron cuoc doi nay do cu vu cung nhieu nguoi tung giong nhu la moi nguoi, tung um rat nhieu hoài boo roi lai that bai that dau, the nhung ho van dung day buoc tiep va thanh dat.nhanh nhat và ngan nhat} de tom coch thuc giai quyet sai lam cua monh. Viec that bai khung ai muon ca, the nhung day chinh la dieu tat yeu cua cuoc doi, tom duoc dong luc thuc day va huong di dung qua nhung tom su cua nhung nguoi tung trai thuc su là 1 bo quyet dung dan và tien dung.
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Re: Use of RAM
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2016, 05:06:20 am »
September 04, 2016, 05:06:20 am
Hi PaulGrant

The amount of RAM Lumion uses is dependent on the working Mode that you are in (building a scene or creating video animation clips), and general Scene requirements.  How that is used is also up to memory management by Windows.

RAM is however, not the main form of memory usage by Lumion.

Lumion does most of it's work on the graphics card (VRAM) and that is what is important.  The amount of VRAM the graphics card has is important in terms of making available the fastest graphics memory (graphics card, then system memory (RAM) then swapdisk memory), and how complex the Scene is.  The more the better if needed.  For example some graphics cards now come with  8 or 12GB, so that means a user can create more complex scenes with higher resolution texturing etc.

Have a read through these details and guides:
1.  Which computer do you need for Lumion?.

2. Which graphics card do you need?

3.  Passmark: Videocard Benchmarks.

Web site Guide: Hardware for Lumion.

PS: By the way, which version of Lumion and Windows are you using?

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