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Author Topic: Suggestions for Lumion to deserve it's pro appelation  (Read 1714 times)


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Suggestions for Lumion to deserve it's pro appelation
« on: June 21, 2012, 10:45:14 am »
June 21, 2012, 10:45:14 am
Hi !

First of all congratulation for the support of all lumion team and community: it's really cool to see a software being supported and regularly upgraded as that...

Anyway, I'm a Lumion Free user and i haven't yet bought the license for various reasons so i'd would like to add some suggetions to improve it again:

1-the bundles, appelations and prices always change and it's a bit confising for customers. I also don't found that the Pro version gives enough new stuffs to justify it's very hi price (+1500 euros ! than ultimate: are you kidding me ? I won't pay that for some filters, 4 people with normal maps and some stuffs i won't use) and now we do'nt have anymore options to buy ultimate version... In my opinion  you're loosing potential customers doing that....

2- Some essentials futures still missing for me even after 2 years of developpement:
most important of all: a real and true exe exporter (the actual solution needs to download 2 Gb of the free version and install it for being able to see something. It's not a reliable solution for sending it to clients; it is not "professional" !!! ).
Stereoscopic outpout is half the regular large size even if lumion calculate it in full size (can this be fixed because it also don't sound "professional")? Would be also very nice to have support of 3dvision for realtime presentations.
A Camera correction tool is something a lot of us talk since a very long time and i'd be glad to see it appear in a next version.
Last thing I really NEED to make professional presentations is a realtime antialiasing (or a way to force it with Nvdiadrivers and tools).

ok, here it is: i'ts just my opinion but you can be sure the day lumion gives me all this in an affordable bundle i'll be your man.

Keep doing the good job and congrats again to act3D developpement team !

Re: Suggestions for Lumion to deserve it's pro appelation
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2012, 02:10:42 pm »
June 21, 2012, 02:10:42 pm
Hi gonzohot, constructive criticism is very valuable to us, so thanks a lot for taking the time to write down the reasons for not buying Lumion (yet) :)

About #1, there's a bigger gap between Lumion and Lumion Pro than a few movie effects and high-quality characters. In Lumion, you get 1/3 of the Model Library whereas Lumion Pro ships with the full Model Library.
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