Author Topic: Suggestion - Alternative brush-shape for landscape creation + imported models  (Read 857 times)


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September 29, 2015, 08:34:45 pm
I've tried the demo version of LUMION, and only could find 2 points that I consider would need to have more or other alternatives:

A)- On Landscape Creation, I consider that there should be 02 main shapes options: The actual rounded (or circle) one, and a square-shaped one. This last one will be very useful i.e.: for foundations empty areas or flat ravines, etc.

B)- On Imported Models, I consider that if would also be very usefull, to could place the imported models at a specific position (latitude, longitude and hight), as well as more and better controls of: inclination, rotation, etc.

September 29, 2015, 11:50:14 pm
Hi jmce2015

Thank you for your feedback.  :)

+1 on other shaped terrain brushes has been suggested by some of our other members.

Are you suggesting that before you click in the scene to place the object, that Lumion provide a position dialogue?

You can control exact positions, rotations and scale of any imported (or other) object once it is placed in the scene: refer: HOW TO ENTER POSITION COORDINATES and HOW TO CHANGE PITCH AND BANK ROTATION VALUES in 1. LUMION 5: Quickstart Guide.
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