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Author Topic: Smokey's Lumion 2 Special Features | 100 Suggestions  (Read 5107 times)


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Smokey's Lumion 2 Special Features | 100 Suggestions
« on: September 18, 2011, 10:32:46 pm »
September 18, 2011, 10:32:46 pm
0. more GPU friendly optimizations to allow for even faster build mode rendering.

1. IES Lights for more realistic architectural renders. This should not be hard to do if you have the lights as a high res baked texture that allows adjusting of the intensity and transparency values. :-P

2. Layer tweaking options for textures like in Photoshop overlay, multiply, hard light etc.

3. Add range of lens types for cameras such as fish eye, also orthographic camera type
for clean correct projection high quality stills for architectural renders.

4. A realistic animated Grass shader for instantly covering the ground layer with options to control distance and density, also for final render allow adjusting of distance to camera for faster rendering - grass closer to camera higher quality and further away blend into texture.

5. HDRI images - is it possible to allow extra option in weather controls for small HDRI panel
which allows users to load custom photo real Hdri image to replace standard sky. This may help to create even more realistic renders.

6. Movie filters, film grain, sepia tone, black and white etc. with transition options from one to the next - will make for some great videos. :-9

7. New build mode views such as vertices only, wireframe view, front face wireframe, bounding boxes - all these options will greatly boost the power of lumion considerably for extremely high polygon count scenes.

8. Under tree import tab add a panel for creating forests with up to 10 different tree types
including sliders to adjust the distribution and scale of each tree type, including small shrubs and plants - combined with a good grass shader this will be very useful - will also speed up
work-flow significantly;

a) pick a few tree types or a single tree.
b) select surface or paint on landscape with tablet or mouse to populate trees.
c) adjust the distribution slider to make closer together or far apart.
d) adjust scale slider for each tree type to create natural look.
e) activate grass shader and adjust settings.
• done - render:)

to add to this one can you include a global population tool for distributing any object;
for example if I am making a stone path way with grass and plants this will help to
distribute stone objects across the surface of the pathway. ::)

9. Can we add a Rain shader to Lumion that makes drops when they interact with any water
surface - The rain effect will enhance an overcast scene with lots of dark clouds. if this is possible what about a snow shader as well that will create a fine layer of snow on objects after a while. - with amount and density controls.

10. Is it possible to add a resolution changer in Lumion like they have in games 1280x720 / 1366x768 and all the rest etc as sometimes It would be faster to run build mode in a lower res than native screen size of 1680 x 1050 or 1920x1080, btw I found you can resize the window
so not so important.

11. What about a cloth simulation for animating curtains, swaying table cloths and clothes
 flags blowing in the wind etc. - then again this can be done in another app via FBX import i guess so not too important.

12. Can you create a library of sound effects to add to the movie clips at final render
for example flowing water, ocean sounds, basically sound effects to go with all objects even trees - sound of leaves blowing in the wind - sounds for moving cars and people talking etc.
This will be a great leap forward for Lumion if this is possible. -- If too hard maybe add
audio export for the stream which can be imported to Final editing app.

13. More animated people;
• Guy fishing with rod in hand to place by ocean or river.
Maybe you can release 1 free character on a monthly basis and get forum users to help
with this.

14. How about more cloud options where you can choose different types - eg cumulonimbus clouds, strato cumulus see Wiki for list of types   - Or a panel for tweaking clouds for more realistic results.

15. An option to replace sky with a basic colour like white, black etc. This will allow Lumion
to also be used for product visualizations and concept work. Architects can also benefit here
when the need for simple but powerful 3d elevations and cross sections renders arise. This add on will also need a basic colour picker to be added under color tab on landscape panel for basic colors on landscape or add to materials editor custom landscape texturing options including reflection, fresnel, bump, color picker etc. -- will need option to turn off sky and hide sun but keep lighting effect. :-o

16. Reflections - is it possible to use Hdri images for reflections - Go here for Hdri images
you can experiment with

17. I see Lumion has a nice sun effect but what about the moon can we get a nice
realistic moon with option to adjust size and luminosity. -- add size slider for sun as well.

18. Can we adjust the height of clouds ? density ? thickness - thicker will block out light and god rays but lighter will allow more light to filter through. Can objects be placed in clouds - Jets - Fighter planes ? will this cause artifacts ? Also can we have up to 3 cloud layers ? Can we animate the clouds layer in any direction and control speed ?  see video for what I mean
This type of effect combined with animation of day and night can create a simulation of a construction scene going from day 1 to final day completion showing the the development of project in real time using a real time software. ;)

19. Is it possible to make a waves higher like real waves and get smaller as they
come closer to the beach ? take a walk to the beach to see what I mean. I know this a bit
extreme as what you have is sufficient for its purpose but this would be awesome. Imagine
being able to adjust between high tide and low tide.

20. Is it possible to animate boats on water ? when they move can we have an effect that
shows the water being split behind the boat. and the spray effect -- jet boat shooting across the water with realtime reactions. slower object will have a smaller effect -- shape of object can be the bases to create effect.

21. Where are the stars in the sky for night shots - would be great if you can make a star field layer with adjustments of brightness, randomness, height, density etc.

22. Other than IES lights can we add the following light types point light, spotlight, area light,
spherical light, dome light, and a flare options like the sun for the point light type.

23. If a rain shader is possible can we have a lightning effect added to movie effects.
combined with animated cloud layers or advanced cloud panel - will be very cool &
then possible to make thunderstorm scene - transition into sunny weather :) - take this
further eg; placing ship in rough see with big waves thunderstorm effects, rain, and water
reacting to movement of ship and waves causing ship to sway more. This will make good
visuals for people designing yachts and ships.

24. Please add a camera that simulates the movements of a person walking in the first person view !!! - the bobbing movement and add a shaky camera slider adjustment like live video
being recorded like in movie Cloverfield  :-o

25. Add setting for real world shadows for clouds that also move with the clouds.

26. Is it possible to make a procedural engine inside Lumion for making highly detailed terrains and mountains like in Vue  see the Powerful Terrain Function Editor here  so it would be really great.

27. I know animation of cars and wheels are possible but It would be cool if we can have
more options -- car driving around a block, stopping at robot, going around a
road circle all with realistic motions etc.  when you add the new lights to Lumion they will
also enhance the look of cars and street lights- car headlights and break lights plus flare effects. These addons will be great help if I am doing model of a race track, animated cars racing and crowds of people. 8)  add option to tilt the body of vehicles left or right and up or down to simulate the suspension.

28. More object animation options on all functions movement, scale, and rotation in all
directions heading, pitch and banking with option to repeat the motion eg a ball rolling can roll all the way to edge of the landscape. - infinite loop.

29. For the Landscape preset texture options please add a Golf Course Set. - thank you
again the grass shader will come in handy here.

30. It would be cool if you can make a library of different soil types including bump maps etc
this will compliment the tree and plants you have - think landscaping visuals.

31. Since Lumion works well with Nvidia Geforce Cards when will we see PhysX functions
inside of Lumion - you can start of with simple ones and slowly build it up to more complex dynamics.

32. Is it possible to do a bullet time effect with the current camera controls? please add a
new effect under clip effects or camera effects called bullet time - so imagine a scene with
peolpe talking and girl skipping a rope cars moving trees swaying in the wind and when we activate bullet time all animations will freeze allowing the camera to move freely within the scene until bullet time is reactivated creating very cool effects. :-D

33. We have quite nice water, but what about adding a bubbles emitter for example if we
have fountain being filled with water by a statue where the water is being filled can we
have some bubbles coming up from below. - (PhyX maybe or you can make the effect)

34. About the blurred reflections - most games have bi-linear filtering active to for
smoother reflections - is this a possible solution for you?

35. Instead of bringing in light maps from other apps is it possible to make Lumion
create a light map of your scene in future ? under advanced lighting options.

36. A procedural texture engine - advanced texturing options - if possible. creation
of custom real textures that output to any size. - texture maps are limited to the size they
are created at so a 1024 texture will not be clear at a resolution higher than 1024 leads
to some blurring and pixelation. - not so important though.

37. For signs on some buildings that have neon tubing can we have a glowing flashing material
with color options going on and off with slider to adjust speed of flashing effect. for example
if the user has created a casino building this will be of good use or even designing shopfronts
and inside of shopping malls etc.

38. Can we have an effect for leaves blowing in the wind with slider to adjust amount of leaves and wind speed setting, direction and size of leaves.

39. Can we add more animation options for camera where we can create a path for the
camera to track.

40. Back to the leaves can we also get a leaves shader to paint random leaves below a tree
to show leaves that have fallen on the ground instead of having a flat texture on the
ground combined with the animated leaves blowing in the wind this will make for
great autumn and windy day scenes.

41. I noticed when objects are duplicated they increase the GPU load, I use Lightwave 3d
and a plugin called HD instance lets me create millions of clones of an object without impacting
on memory and cpu load. Is it possible to have a similar function with Lumion. I think it works with co ordinates of an object and just re rendering its properties at those points instead of having new objects in memory.

42. When lights are added to Lumion can we an option where we can create lights from
objects. for example if I take a some polygons of a cars headlight and click convert to
light type point light and add a flare to it. - nice feature to have. convert any object into
a light.

43. A realistic car shader for texturing more realistic looking car paint surface.
- I will do a test on this one soon and post images here.

44. Coming soon . . .

45. Coming soon . . .




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Re: Smokey's Lumion 2 Special Features Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2011, 08:06:50 am »
September 19, 2011, 08:06:50 am
0. GPU optimisations? Double speed?

1. I agree

2. Currently the layers is just turning on and off the render of the models in the scene. So it is a bit harder to add effects between layers. Though we understand the need for that.

3. Some camera's are hard for the shadow routines. I am not sure about fish eye being a architecture need though.

4. We had grass that instantly covered everything but for it to be good I think it needs more work and more types.

5. I agree it would be good to be able to change the background to something custom.

6. I think you can already create some transitions with the keyframing system.

7. Wireframe actually renders much slower if you see all wires. To easiest way to boost polygon usage is using the layer system for now.

We will first focus on a few important areas for version 2.0 though. So these features will not all make 2.0. That doesn't mean they might not make one of the 2.0 updates though.


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Re: Smokey's Lumion 2 Special Features Suggestions
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2011, 08:52:48 am »
September 19, 2011, 08:52:48 am
Cool thanks for reply.

0. What I meant here is try and make lumion system files lighter on Gpu if possible.

3. If shadow routines are hard you should try to add option where user can change the
shadow type between soft, hard, realistic - hard edge shadow type will be much faster for rendering - many people may like to be able to tweak shadows. About the Fish Eye lens option
go this link and click on the Fish eye icon in the flash image to see what I mean and how this can be of good use in Lumion for panoramic shots.

7. If wireframe is hard to do - There is a better idea - I'm sure it would not be hard to
replace objects with simple shapes like boxes or triangles instead of actual model if
1000's of instances are being used. - This will speed up workflow on large scale high end projects.


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Re: Smokey's Lumion 2 Special Features Suggestions
« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2011, 06:44:19 pm »
September 20, 2011, 06:44:19 pm
Wireframe boxes are indeed possible.


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Re: Smokey's Lumion 2 Special Features Suggestions
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2011, 07:21:56 pm »
September 20, 2011, 07:21:56 pm
This is good to know - great stuff - more power to Lumion then.