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August 01, 2014, 07:53:45 pm
Hi Morten.
Thank u so much for your answers.
another Q?
during the rendering i see some words!
for exampel:4.80 Seconds/Frame???
(everything turned on.16x sub-sample anti-aliasing)???
what's meaning of these?

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August 02, 2014, 03:16:43 am
Hi adelkazemi

4.80 Seconds/Frame:
Time indication of how long the frames are taking to render.  Ignore the first few, as the calculations need to settle for the whole scene. 
From the seconds per frame followed by the estimate of total time to render you can then decide if you want to continue with the rendering, or because of the time it's gong to take, cancel (Esc key), and render at some other time, for example, overnight.

everything turned on.16x sub-sample anti-aliasing
You will see summary information about the type of render process and settings you have chosen:

 [dot] 2D is to produce a normal video, 3D is for side-by-side 3D movies.
 [dot] "everything turned on" indicates you have chosen a 3 Star render, the highest quality output.  When you render with 1 Star or 2 Star, the message is different.
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