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Author Topic: Re: The next big thing Lumion needs!  (Read 1684 times)


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Re: The next big thing Lumion needs!
« on: June 24, 2014, 03:37:18 am »
June 24, 2014, 03:37:18 am
Thanks for further explanations.

Again, for 2.  Building Replacement:  which version of Lumion are you using?  That is currently possible and has been for a long time.

Well maybe it has been. But I find it impossible to quickly import a new revision because Lumion rejects same or similar file names.

I'm not a fan of the Lumion file setup!

I think Lumion is way, way, overthinking where My STUFF should reside.

Here is a novel idea ........let me: the END USER decide.

I know Windows is a programmers delight, so many options on where to install the program, where user file should reside, etc. etc. Remember the name PC stands for Personal Computer, there is nothing I can Personally
do Unless you provide a comprehensive setup/preferences menu.

Please allow me to create one folder, under which all MY Stuff for one project will reside :)

Presently to avoid the annoying Lumion message: "Provide a different name for your imported model! This one already exists!"

1. I have to delete 3 files from the
C:/user/my documents/Lumion/library folder

2. I have to delete  1 file from the
C:/user/my documents/Lumion/scenes folder 

3: I may also have to delete my exported .dae or .fbx folder
which may reside at another location.

The reason I bring this up: I'm current unable to determine rationally, whats causing my .dae and .fbx exported files for the same model not to import at the correct scale into an existing specifically altered terrain. In one scene the Lumion people are 3 times as large, as the imported model in the scene, While in another specifically altered terrain, the .dae model arrives 3 times as large into the scene, while the Lumion people arrive at the correct scale
and please allow me to turn off Autosave, I'm wasting more time deleting files I no longer need, or want to show up in the Lumion file menu.

With our current Lumion investment, I'm  seriously recommending the CryEngine for Architectural Presentation for the company I work for as an alternative.