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Author Topic: Questions about Lumion 1.0 Update 1 Released  (Read 1781 times)


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Questions about Lumion 1.0 Update 1 Released
« on: July 25, 2011, 12:13:29 pm »
July 25, 2011, 12:13:29 pm

I tryed to use those "new" command but unfortunnately, it doesn't work.... Probably i do wrong thing...
I would like more informations, print capture if possible })



In Advanced Move mode, [SHIFT] now moves the current selection plus any object you drag around.

You can now press L to lock the gizmos/context buttons for objects that are near the mouse cursor.

The orientation of all objects (with the exception of Trees/plants) can now be made to adapt to the inclination of the Lumion terrain ([CTRL]-select objects -> Move object button -> Hold down the F key (for Flatten), then left-click on the Rotate Bank or Rotate Pitch gizmos of one of the selected objects).