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Author Topic: Problem with shadows from Vegetations  (Read 2127 times)


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Problem with shadows from Vegetations
« on: April 18, 2013, 03:54:33 pm »
April 18, 2013, 03:54:33 pm
We are running Lumion 3.0 and I am noticing that when I have dense areas of vegetations and running the animation the shadows seem to Pop on when I get close.  This is really making the videos appear funny.  Is it my video card or is the shadow depth setting or something else completely.

I am render out at 3 stars so I was hoping that would help?  Also there seems to be a racing shadow along the roof edges of the buildings as I get closer the shadow seems to move.  Very odd.

Any suggestions or help would be great!

Re: Problem with shadows from Vegetations
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2013, 05:22:20 am »
April 19, 2013, 05:22:20 am
Hi lcollier2459

What values have you tried for the shadow depth?  For most exterior scenes the default value or somewhere up to max of 1.0 should do, but it does depend on how far away the camera is from the surface where the shadows are being caste.

Are you able to attach a sample video or couple of screen captures that pinpoints the problem?

If you placed say half the vegetation in to a layer and hid that layer, does the same problem occur?

Shadows are made up of three different resolution maps, depending on the distance from camera.  There is a known limitation at present where there is no transition between each of the maps, so you can see one then the other where one is more pixelated than the next, however, I don't think that is the problem you are referring to.

The racing shadow should be able to be controlled using the Sun Shadow Range, and set Shadow Correction and Shadow Slope very to 0.
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