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Author Topic: [Awaiting Reply] Need to download Lumion version 5.7.2, where?  (Read 859 times)


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June 28, 2016, 06:57:06 pm
We are having issues with the latest version of Lumion 3D 6.5.1, and need to go back to version 5.7.2 ASAP. Where can I download this version?

Re: Need to download Lumion version 5.7.2, where?
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June 28, 2016, 07:01:31 pm
Hi jrmainc,

1) Please click here and follow step 2 to register your Lumion 6 license key. This will give you access to the full forum for commercial users which is hidden until you register a valid license key.

2) Lumion 5 licensees received an email (titled "UPDATE: Download Lumion 5.7.2") with download instructions around the 7th of July 2015. If you're unable to locate the email, please forward your license number and purchase receipt to office[at], and ask my colleagues to re-send this email.

3) You mentioned that you're having issues with version 6.5.1. We would obviously like to help you resolve those issues, so I'd be grateful if you could explain what the problem is (screenshots are welcome). Thanks in advance.
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