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Author Topic: Lumion free 64 bits please!  (Read 2116 times)


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Lumion free 64 bits please!
« on: August 04, 2011, 03:14:17 am »
August 04, 2011, 03:14:17 am

Hi there Wounderfull people!

Thank you so much to alow us to try for free with Full Features your awsome 3D Engine !

I reaaly hope Lumion Gets the 3D world award cause you guys deserve it !

Lumion is just like Having Cry Engine Sandbox
- With Everything Simplified for extreme fast creation as never before !

( I Have still a litle Request/ desire That if yu could fullfill would be wounderfull please )

Could developers Please Alow us to Try For free the Lumion 64 Bits !
Could you guys do a FreeTrial Edition of 64 bits ?

I think is extremly important, to have this free version at every build and expecialy to have a 64 bits version also because lumion will be that way tested with "all features" in every one homes worldwide - alowing more people to decide it to buy it !

But 64 bits its reaaly important in the free edition cause will alow free edition testers to come up with extremely heavy scenes develop - and that way show worldwide / youtube and all everyone around lumion REAL CAPABILITIES ! And everyone will be then "wau" Jawdrop knowing exactly what this Amazing 3D Engine is able of.

Iv been trying to Import a Wholle 3D level i'v been made for UDK ( 64 bits ) Wich was made in Blender 64 Bits that has near 20.000.000 polys

- And iv been able to Import in Lumion Free 32 Bits - Only Up to 10.000.000 Polys , More than that and Lumion Crashes... after going up the 2gb consumed Ram wich is the 32 bits Version limits.

I think would be amazing if you guys developers alow us worldwide to test the free version with 64 bits please!
- WIll allow us everyone to show worldwide with the free version what LUMION
 is Reaaly Able to pull of into !
- And believe me that will revert into sells i'm sure of it !

Did yu guys know that The latest CryENgine only alows to import 64.000 polys by .Cfg Obj because of the engine limitations ?

Isnt just amazing that Lumion can import Directly More than 10.000.000 polys ! And render it Realtime With all bells and wisles as it was nothing !
I just wounder how far could go Lumion 64 bits ?


Thank yu so much guys for this full trial Lumion Test drive ! Yu guys Rock Worlds!

Cheers !


PS: ANyone knows if there is anyway to Create ANd manipulate LIGHTS In lumion ?
This aplication is so amazing - but i reaaly cant find any Lights Creation Manipulation anywere anything ? OMG there is No Lights / spotlights,infinite,area/ Light Materials or whatever lights Creation Manipulation in Lumion ?

Could yu guys Enable Lights Creation / manipulation in Next builds !?



Re: Lumion free 64 bits please!
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2011, 09:43:14 am »
August 04, 2011, 09:43:14 am

Hi there Wounderfull people!

Hi, 64 bit version is coming up. There was a terrible bug in NVIDIA drivers causing the sky to corrupt every time in 64 bit but we managed to find a way to work around it. We're working towards a new release whicj will feature a 64 bit version for all versions of Lumion and we are currently working on improving instancing for imported models. It looks like this instancing will save a lot of memory in cases where you need to use an imported model over and over again.

Believe it or not but local lights are currently not available in Lumion. v1.0 was build for outdoor lighting only. You can use light maps though to create indoor scenes. It requires a bit of work but you can export the lighting from Vray for example and use it on a model in Lumion. Search the forum for more clues on how to do this. One of the main features for Lumion 2.0 will be lighting so v2.0 WILL have local lights. :D