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Author Topic: Lumion Construction Edition  (Read 5834 times)


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Lumion Construction Edition
« on: June 10, 2013, 05:14:26 pm »
June 10, 2013, 05:14:26 pm

I think that your product is great for Architecture, but this would be a game changer in the construction world.
I work for a highway and bridge construction company. It would be amazing if there was a "construction edition" or "add on" for firms to quickly model and render the different phases of a construction process.We work on projects between ten to a couple hundred million dollars. Some projects give a technical score bonus.
So for example your estimated price can be a couple million dollars higher than competitors but since you scored higher on your technical then you will win the job.

What you have already
+ Cars / Construction vehicles
+ Land / Water
+ Traffic signs / Lights
+ Trees

What you need
- Road builder*
- Construction equipment with movable joints*
- Real world scaling
- Real world location (for sun)
- Render options with selectable date and time (like AutoCad)
- Night mode setting
- Camera view from Vehicle / Pedestrian
- Better water maker*
- Ground fill to point*

Road builder
Even if you didn't do an internal road builder that would be fine. Users could rely on ESRI's CityEngine. BUT would be much easier if it was all in one.

Construction equipment with movable joints
Just like in the movie mode, give the ability to select the boom of a crane and rotate to make it swing in the animation.
For vehicles you could drag and select the entire vehicle to set a move path, then select just a part of the vehicle to move the selected item.
Ie,. Excavator... Arm lift, Bucket rotation and Body rotation separate from the tracks.

Also a path for vehicles to follow. Including corners and speed up / down spots (Coming up to a stop sign) Select the path for the vehicle then highlight part of the path to specify speed or if its a speed up / down zone.

Real world scaling
Give a generic scale for all objects. Import data and specify road width. That way vehicles, signs, trees, etc. will relate to said scale.

Real world location
Put a geo-location on the imported land model. Basically move the sun to its correct real world positioning and ability to set the time so it adjusts the sun angle. (See Autocad's rendering for example)

Night mode setting
Set date and time (If geo-sun is enabled then its automatic) or choose a manual time for the sun to rise and set. This time would turn on/off lights that have the option "Time Specific" set.

Better water maker
Ability to make water by drawing a path. This way when you raise the water you don't get water spots on the lower portions of land. I think it would be best if you drew a outline then selected which side you wanted water. This would allow for an island or pools with the same outline.

Ground fill to point
A quick and easy way to bring in land data is through sketch up. Importing the sketch up as a model works perfectly in Lumion. It would be nice if i could place the sketch up model (image) above the Lumion land then select a tool to automatically increase the height of the land to the model. Basically making a heightmap. I am in South Florida so getting ground elevation data is not that easy.
*I would rather build off of the Lumion land than a 3D version of Google earth.

If you think this would be too much to add then please look at the construction going on around the world and know that the firms that won the job are making big money. I think the above could be a stand alone product or an expansion that could easily be worth more than Lumion Pro. CityEngine alone is $4k and if you did the road builder then you could pretty much add that $4k to your "Construction edition" cost. In my opinion i think a fair price for the above + Lumion Pro would be $7,000

**Note: Renders or Animations for a Highway construction process do not need to be exactly perfect. They are more to show the people doing the review a visual reference of what the paperwork is talking about.

Side note: Can you add a person riding a bike :)


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Re: Lumion Construction Edition
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 05:38:35 pm »
June 10, 2013, 05:38:35 pm
Amenagement Urbanisme Architecture Design

Re: Lumion Construction Edition
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2013, 03:17:00 am »
June 11, 2013, 03:17:00 am
Thanks eXoTaylor for your feedback and ideas, and also time taken to prepare the comments with detailed explanations  :).

Some, or some similar have been suggested by other users, such as Real world location (for sun)/Night mode setting (time of day), so also thanks for the +1's.

In regard a couple of the suggestions:
1.  re Better water maker: it is possible to have any surface applied with a Water Material, so any object/surface could be modelled and imported to look like water.  And, as a separate object, it can have its position changed and also be animated.

2.  re Ground fill to point: Lumion currently supports heightmaps.

3. re Camera view from Vehicle / Pedestrian: this is possible now, although perhaps not simply done, and ability to group/attach a camera to an object would make it even easier  ;).  There's a similar nice example of camera matching to a vehicle moving done recently by BABE: ? CAR-LICIOUS.

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