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Author Topic: K620? vs K2200 vs GTX 660? - help please  (Read 10637 times)


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K620? vs K2200 vs GTX 660? - help please
« on: November 27, 2014, 08:25:14 pm »
November 27, 2014, 08:25:14 pm
Hello, I'm trying to spec a machine that will be used by a lumion user. (not-me).

Budget is tight, I've been looking at the new Quadro K620 (passmark 2,223), which radically improves upon the old k600 which had a passmark below spec, and also improves upon the older K2000 too.

There is also the new K2200 but that would be really pushing the budget (but passmark is up to 3,470).

The GTX 660 seems to be a card with a high passmark that is now jolly cheap but that gets lots of favourable comments in forum posts.

How good would each of these be? I've read passmark 'is not everything', and I"m convinced the new k620 will outclass the older 660 in many areas. But do they impact lumion?

I can't bring myself to stretch to a k2200 if something like the 660, or something else cheap would still out class it in lumion.

The user will do rendering but also Autocad precision 2d work. We've had problems in the past with compatibility for autocad, so have taken to using the k600 as a baseline - as that is autocad certified and shuts down complaints/questions.

Any help or comments gratefully recieved.

(The user has used lumion before, but not actively recently. I"m not sure which version they are licenced for currently. But I think a new one will be bought for them. How does version 3 compare to 4 in terms of demand? It seems 5 gives more bang for buck that 4, was it the same going 3 to 4?)


Re: K620? vs K2200 vs GTX 660? - help please
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2014, 04:13:52 am »
November 28, 2014, 04:13:52 am
Hi montysdouble

In terms of relative differences, the GTX 660' Passmark is 4117, which puts it in the region of being capable to deal with Moderately Complex scenes (see links below).  The K620 for Lumion will only deal with simple scenes.  I think there is a big difference between those two Passmark scores.

That difference will be in satisfactory response whilst building scenes, but most likely impact more strongly at render time.

Isolating the purchase decision to purely a budget requirement avoids a key question.  The client needs to consider what type of projects, rendering, complexity, single model such as single residential, multi-residential or sub-division type projects, and interior detailing etc required for the scene (re complexity of scene, links below). 

We do have users that use various CAD on standard graphics cards without issue.  The Quadro of course is 'certified and specifically designed to run CAD'.  Quality drivers play a key role.  Quadro in terms of $'s spent are roughly 3:1 compared to a general GPU, perhaps less at the lower end.

Is there an option where changing the mix of hardware could provide for another alternative (unless you are only looking at changing the GPU).  That is, a mix of using a Quadro card for CAD and a GTX for Lumion.

I have used a GTX 660 with a range of scenes.  Never had issues with it. 

Have you considered the GTX 660 Ti which gives a big boost in performance?

Refer further:
1.  LUMION 4: Minimum hardware requirements.

2.  Lumion Web Site: Specifications.

3.  Passmark: Videocard Benchmarks.

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