Author Topic: For Sale Lumion 4.0 Pro Licence 1200 EUR + Lumion 3.0 Pro for 500 EUR  (Read 961 times)

thierry tutin

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May 03, 2015, 04:03:22 pm
i decided to sell my Lumion Pro 4 for 1300 EUR + Lumion Pro 3 for 600  because unfortunately it doesn't fit in my workflow and not work proposal with lumion

So if you are interested and buy the upgrade to Lumion 5 Pro for 999,- you´d have a full version for 2.399eur,- instead of 2.999eur,- (regular price for full pro version) or 1998eur for Lumion 3 Pro to Lumion 5 Pro.

and of course i offer my personnal library (27go)
here is some videos i made with lumion

Lumion does allow this.
Remko wrote about this issue:
A license can only be attached to one account at a time. So, the seller needs to unattach the license from his profile and you will be able to enter the license key in your profile and the original seller has lost the ability and the official license to use Lumion.
Also, in most countries an email statement email in combination with your bank transfer or other payment is legal documentation of your purchase. At least it's just as valid if not more valid than a receipt.

So if you are interested please send us a private message and we will get in contact via email. [email protected]


May 04, 2015, 12:27:25 am
Hi thierry tutin

One topic in the Guest Members Board, where both Guest and Commercial Users are able to view will be sufficient.  I will remove your duplicate topic in the Commercial Board.

Do you have two separate licenses, one a v3 license and another a v4 license? 
Otherwise, if you only have one license, starting at version3, then you only have the one upgraded license of version 4 for sale.

ps: 1300 + 999 = 2299  ;)

thierry tutin

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May 11, 2015, 10:15:15 am
yes i have two separate licenses, one a v3 license and another a v4 license

May 11, 2015, 10:36:46 am
Thanks for clarifying Thierry.