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Electronic Manual for Lumion
« on: September 29, 2011, 08:24:39 am »
September 29, 2011, 08:24:39 am
Hi Guys,

I just wondered if an electronic manual would be issued for Lumion3D in the future?  I know newbies like me appreciated the various videos that have been made, and I think the Lumion FAQ by Ferry, is great work for those who need to solve a problem.  But it would be nice to have a electronic manual that can accompany the software( and updates), so that one can refer to the many of the essential features.

I can suggest three possible formats:

Format 1 is a 'get started' manual and provides a series of pictures that enables a first time user to quickly import a building, and prepare it for his, or her client.  Assume the user has three hours to get done for the client meeting!

Format 2 would be more detailed than Format 1 and have many of the issues raised in the existing Lumion FAQ included in it.  This would include addressing some of the key questions raised in this forum, and be aimed for the beginners, to medium skilled level.

Format 3 would a single A4 page in Landscape.  It would encompass all the shortcut key commands, and hence a very useful reference, quick-source reference tool, so one can quickly find the hotkey, to do a procedure fast.

Format 4 would be a more ambitious (in terms of time) fully comprehensive quality manual, and includes advanced features, and getting the most out of the extensive features of the software!

In the short term I would suggest developing 3 & 4.

Note:  Lumion's great strength is producing a quality render - very fast! Having a manual comprising one, or all of the above mentioned format contents, pref. in PDF format, (and possibly issued with each new upate of the software), would be useful for your customers.

It should be noted that producing a manual would never replace a forum type arrangement like this, but merely help those who are used to working with a quality manual, to solve problems quickly, esp. newbies, very fast indeed.

Respectfully, and regards.


Re: Electronic Manual for Lumion
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September 30, 2011, 12:54:03 pm
I just wondered if an electronic manual would be issued for Lumion3D in the future?
Here are Remko's thoughts on this:
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