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Author Topic: Demo feedback  (Read 2195 times)


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Demo feedback
« on: December 03, 2010, 02:03:08 pm »
December 03, 2010, 02:03:08 pm
First of all a big thanks for what seems like a great visualization tool!

After giving the demo a good run, please find my comments below.



  • The only crash I've experienced is when trying to minimize the Lumion screen and then drag it to my 2nd monitor. 



  • Depending on sceneload its OK for now though I have to stress that I'm a little mistified why the 64bit version hasn't been given a little more priority? It would certainly be nice to be given a rough estimate on when to expect it :-)?

  • When alt-copying relatively large amounts of foliage (lets say a item or 50) it seems resources run out quite fast. I havent been able to produce a nice lush field of dense grass patches that comes anywhere close to looking like the real-deal sofar (except from a 1st person pov, really up close ofc) Consequently it feels like the engine is rather limited in this area where it's perhaps more a matter of how then a if. I'll give it another test tonight with larger patches thus reducing the number of drawcalls significantly. I hope this will help?

  • Auto and/or Dynamic foliage (volumes) or eco population would be a substantial addition! Be it via a polygon draw selection, a sub material or just via painting a mask.



  • When importing a heightmap I'd like a slider to adjust the percentage of height.

  • Would it be possible to add an abilty to import multiple terrains based on heightmaps (Terrain 'Tiles' so to speak)

  • On large terrains it feels like the max brush sizes are too limited. The option to just punch in a number for size would be great, especially with the flatten-tool.

  • Painting materials on a terrain feels a bit limited. The 4 color/material options given per type often come across a bit like a roulette where 2 of the 4 are precisely the desired mats but the other 2 are rather useless. I'd very much like to see a unlimited material stack and the option to apply your own mats here.

  • Making your own terrain brushes based on alphamaps would be great :-)

  • Painting materials seems to concequently produce a result where 2 out of the 4 mats instantly respond to the given input but the other 2 do not respond so well, take more time to blend in and are substantially more difficult to control. They either produce too dense or too much opaque results without adjusting the speed setting that worked fine for the other mats.

  • Not sure on this one but I havent been able to find a option to adjust the amount of tiling on terrain mats (yet :-) Am I missing something here? When working with larger views, tiling can become rather obvious. 



  • Foam near shores and/or objects like rocks, boats etc. and the option to displace the surface to simulate rough/stormy conditions would be the icing on the cake here.



  • Even though I read its difficult to achieve, a more extended Undo-stack would be very much appriciated, especially in terrain editing mode.

  • Is it possible to integrate some kind of container-ish feature where you prepare an object with all kinds of smaller detail objects, then save it as a single item?


Post Processing:

  • Abilty to temporarily disable a filter if it makes adjusting another one too difficult whilst maintaining it in place as opposed to simply deleting it and putting it back in later?

Filter suggestions:

  • Depth of field 

  • Lens flares

  • Rain/Snow

  • Wet lens

  • Camera shake, wiggle etc.

  • Out of focus/refocus



  • Resume from frame nr (upon abort sequential)

  • Minimize window whilst still rendering (albeit with performance loss, I'd take this option anytime over the one thats currently implemented since its a bit more flexible)

  • Multiple GPU/SLI/Crossfire support

  • Hybrid GPU/CPU rendering support


Particle systems 

For floks of birds, dust, leaves blowing in the wind, fires, smoke etc. etc.) Laugh