Author Topic: This is a animation of a new storehouse in Bergeijk (The Netherlands)  (Read 317 times)

Jos Franken BV

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September 29, 2017, 12:11:44 pm
Hallo everybody,

Here is another animation done with Lumion 7.5 pro.


1.   This is a animation of a new storehouse for Bax Totaalrecreatie in Bergeijk (The Netherlands)
2.   The model of the building was made with Revit 18 (Postprocessing Pinnacle 20.6 Ultimate)
3.   It took about 40 hours to prepare the scene in Lumion.
4.   The scene was rendered with:

Motherboard:                          Asus X99-A-II Socket LGA2011-V3 moederbord
Processor:                              Intel Core i7-6800K socket LGA2011-V3 processor
Memory:                                    8 x Kingston Hyper X Fury 16GB DDR4 - 288P memory total 128GB
Video:                                     NVIDIA Geforce Titan X  12 gB DDR5 graphics card
Harddrive 1:                           Samsung 950 Pro SSD PCIe M.2 - 512GB
Harddrive 2:                           Western Digital Blue 1TB - 7200min-1 Hard Disc Drive
Operating system:                  Windows 10 professional 64bit Nederland
CPU cooler:                            Coolermaster Hyper 612 V2 performance
Powersupply:                          Coolermaster V750W Gold 
Optical disk:                            Samsung DVD-RW
Memory Card Reader:            Logilink

Scene information:
3D Points:                       16,4 million
Seconds per Frame:         2,68
Final output quality:         best quality ***
Resolution:                      1920x1080 HD
Rendertime:                     2:13 hours

Hope you like it.

René Willemsen
Franken Architectuur BV