Author Topic: Small development in Ecuador (GI, planar reflections, video textures)  (Read 944 times)


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January 18, 2013, 11:42:14 pm

1) Describe the project
An engineer hired me to create this animation of a development he's selling in Babahoyo, Ecuador. It's small, but I like it.

2) Which software did you use for the project?
SketchUp, GIMP, and Windows Movie Maker.

3) How long did it take you to prepare the scene in Lumion?
A day and a half.

4) How long did it take to render each frame and which graphics card are you using?
In total it took a bit over 20 hours to render, so the average was 13 seconds per frame.
Min 5 seconds (exteriors), max 24 seconds (Interiors with GI and three reflection planes in the same scene). I'm using a GTX570 w/1.25 GB of RAM.