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Our Work!
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August 07, 2012, 10:08:44 pm

This is just one of the proyects we make DAILY!
 Stay Tunned!
Best Regards!


Este es solo uno de los proyectos que estamos desarrollando DIARIAMENTE!
así que...
 Sigan Viendo!

Estudio Martín Bonari
House for a family of 4
Open location,block corner or between houses.
We are dedicated to Design houses for our customers and some previous projects.
This project in particular is being built.
Used Sketchup and Camtasia.
Scene was built in 2hs
9 secs per frame, 8 hs of rendering and 1/2 hr of edit render
i3 8gb ram, Nvidia GTX 460 SE

Re: Our Work!
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August 07, 2012, 10:58:27 pm
Congratulation Martin,
Me gusta  ;), with some little changes of parameters in shadowmap range/offset, ambientshadow and contrast  u can achieve much better result in animation anyway well done.
thx for sharing and welcome home ;)