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Author Topic: Mosqué  (Read 2614 times)


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« on: January 27, 2011, 02:31:01 pm »
January 27, 2011, 02:31:01 pm

I'm posting this video to show out what we can accomplish with sketch and lumion hand in hand.

I know that what i've done is just a liiiiittle work and lumion has a lot more to give.

Here we go :

i'll point out some things i didn't like :

1- so when we place a bunch of bushes and that we rotate them correctly the fact that we copy them (with alt) this makes the first bushes that the we copied to revert back ti its initial rotation. that is noit a big issue whn we're placing these in a straight line buit it is when it is circular.

2- the reflections are just horrible (even thought not that visible here), in another video that i'll post later the rflections a just not acceptable (not talking about the client just not acceptable for me) and this probleme must be the first thing to get corrected or another solution maybe slower has to be given with the possibility to choose wich method of reflections must be used for the sequence to be redered out.

3- placing trees and plants is relatively easy but what would be gretaly appreciated is the possibility to place trees and plants by editing the project;

I'll explain:

Let's say for example that youy put on your model in sketch up little circles that you paint in a color these circles represents where trees are gonna be placed, by editing the imported model in lumion choosing this circles (with color given to them) and have a section of materials where there are the trees and plants. that would be a crazy fast way to set up a scene reday to be rendered in lumion even with more accurate placement thaks to sketchup.

Why not people and cars also placed randomly fot these too, it will save a lot of time.

4- if we can have this it can be a great help for a presentation :

implement a Motiva colimo (i think its the right name but not sure) like section.

all the info here

exportable in exe.


I have more suggestions i would like to get to you in a more proper way thus why i'm not gonna write them here, i'll think of a way to present them and be back.

For now just thanks and keep up the good work. Cool

« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2011, 04:45:22 pm »
January 27, 2011, 04:45:22 pm
Thanks for your feedback, Arthaxx Smile

#1: This was already added to the bug tracker and should no longer be an issue in the upcoming Update 1 Release Candidate 4.

#2: Better reflections are already on the wish list.

#3: Several users have already suggested methods for quickly filling areas with objects, and it was added to the wish list a while ago.

#4: A standalone viewer for Lumion is already on the wish list.

Just to save you some time, it would be great if you could read The Definitive Wish List for new Functionality and The Definitive Wish List for the Object Library before you write your next list with requests.

Cool video, by the way! It really goes to show that you do not necessarily need fully textured models to convey the use of space. I also loved the way you synced the beginning of the guitar solo crescendo in the music at around 2:03 with the vertigo-inducingly cool camera animation… The timelapse sunset at the end is also a nice touch.

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