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Author Topic: About Pulau Pantai Resort (“Island Beach” Resort) – competition entry  (Read 1727 times)


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November 12, 2011, 06:29:55 am
Hi All,

Now that the dust has settled and the Competition is now over, I would like to congratulate all the winners, and secondly express my deepest thanks to the Lumion staff team, providing the opportunity for us to put our energies towards each respective creative endeavor.

About my entry - Pulau Pantai Resort (“Island Beach” Resort):

The visuals comprised eleven scenes and just over ten minutes play time.  The longest scene is Scene 2 – the resort pool, which took 16 hours render time, and the whole project represented about 2 weeks work.

In creating Pulau Pantai Resort my goals were, firstly to have fun making something close to my heart as an urban designer.  Secondly, to do so choosing to utilize Lumion’s features, predominately from an unusual angle – above the sea, and below it.

Anyone who has noticed my Avatar image can see that I do diving, and hence I wanted to experiment with the lighting etc. based on a marine villa design, but also experimenting with lighting under the water, i.e. depicting doing diving in the resort.  As I had few fish in the Basic edition, and this being fresh water species, I emphasized sea-life  as shadow motion, with camera from first perspective view largely as seen from a diver, diving a ship wreck, as part of the enjoyment of the resort facilities. [Some may even have noticed the reference to “SS Lumion” next to a skeleton, which was designed “tongue-in-cheek” during the production!].
Much of the sound is either based on my video recording’s diving wrecks, or ambient sounds during trips to rainforests in Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

While I may not have won the competition, but this first  attempt to create an environmental/ Architectural visualization has generally left me feeling reasonably satisfied getting to know Lumion’s many artistic features.  With more time, and experimentation of Lumion features, in future endeavours, I hope they will demonstrate more polish, and perhaps shorter in play time, than this current competition entry.

I hope you enjoyed my small contribution.



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